Sunday, March 07, 2021

Welcome to: BS with Billy

My personal blog spot. Forget the old one at, it got hijacked and now leads to some other site selling who knows what.

So, what is BS with Billy? Well, as you know BS can mean a lot of things. 

Bible Study, Basic Stuff, Boring Stuff, of course, my initials and just plain BS about stuff and life in general as seen through the eyes of me. Unless otherwise stated, the reflections, thoughts, ideas and BS you read here is all mine. 

Your comments and dialogue are welcome. Please keep your comments respectful, civil and language appropriate. And since this is my website, I can and will only post those comments which follow rules of respect and civility. Thank you.


Pokemon Go "into all the world"

Ideas about using Pokemon Go as an outreach tool for churches.

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Ideas, suggestions, observations and Scripture on how to use the Pokemon Go craze as an outreach tool for Churches, youth groups and children's ministries.

Dr. Suess Day

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

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Today would have been Dr. Suess' 112th birthday, so, Happy Birthday Dr. Suess. Because it's his birthday, here are some of my favorite quotes and a little tribute I wrote to celebrate the day.


Retirement is a blast!!

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In July of 2015, I retired after preaching for 40 years. I DO NOT REGRET IT. 

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